How you might be warned about a Tsunami

The natural warning signs of Tsunami

In Australia you may receive an official Tsunami Warning,  however it is also important to be aware of the natural warning signs:

You may:

During a tsunami you may see the water recede (like a low tide)

  • FEEL the earth shake. If you are near the ocean and you feel the ground shake, a strong earthquake may have occurred and possibly caused a tsunami. However, you may not feel the earth shake if the earthquake occurred long way away.
  • SEE the ocean drop. Before a tsunami arrives, the ocean level may (but not always) drop dramatically before returning as a wall of water. If you notice that the water is disappearing, tell your family and friends and  prepare to move to higher ground.
  • HEAR an unusual roaring sound. If you hear a loud roaring sound from the ocean (a bit like an aeroplane or a  train), tell your family and friends. This sound may be heard before a tsunami arrives.