L'il Larrikins

The Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) in collaboration with all Australian States and Territories State Emergency Services, have also developed a national Natural Hazards Safety Program, utilising characters from the Lil’ Larrikins cartoons to deliver safety messages to children aged 5 to 12. Further teaching resources are being developed in line with national curriculum standards for the program.


Teaching Activities Overview
Media Release
5Es Methodology
Natural Hazards Intro
Word Wall Bank

Please note you will need to download Quicktime player to view videos. You can download it here


1. Playing in Floodwater: Introductory video Floods Crossword; Floods Information

a. Keep Out! (years P/K- 3): Lesson Plan 

b. Safe and Unsafe (years 3-5) : Lesson Plan

c. Selling Safety (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

2. Emergency Plan: Introductory video

a. Ring Ring (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan

b. What Makes an Emergency? (years 3-5) : Lesson Plan

c. Make a Plan (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

3. Emergency Kit: Introductory video; Emergency Kit (Script)

a. What’s in the Box? (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan

b. Pick-a-box (years 3-5) : Lesson Plan

c. Our of the Box (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

4. Acting Early: Introductory video 

a. Storm Warning (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan

b. Be a Weather Reporter (years 3-5) : Lesson Plan

c. Weather Reports (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

5. Cleaning Up: Introductory video

a. Cartoon Clean Up (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan

b. Cleaning Up - Who’s Responsible? (years 3-5) : Lesson  Plan

c. My Yard - Before and After (years 5-7) :  Lesson Plan

6. Driving in Floodwater: Introductory video

a. No Driving! (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan

b. Driver Danger! (years 3-5) : Lesson Plan

c. Think Before You Drive (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

7. Tsunami Warning : Introductory video; Info Tsunami

a. Who Wants to be a Tsunami Expert? (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan

b. Postcard (years 3-5) : Lesson Plan

c. Tsunami Challenge (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

8. Staying Inside: Introductory video

a. It’s Raining, It’s Pouring (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan

b. That’s True! (yrs 3-5) : Lesson Plan

c. Get Your Facts Straight! (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

9. Flash Floods: Introductory video

a. In a Flash (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan

b. Happy Campers (years 3-5) : Lesson Plan

c. Lucky Escape (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan

10. During a Storm: Introductory video; Info Lightning

a. Make a Spark (years P/K-3) : Lesson Plan

b. Make Lightning (years 3-5) : Lesson Plan

c. Stay Safe (years 5-7) : Lesson Plan