NSW Inland Tsunami Information and Events

Inland Region

NSW - New South Wales Map

NSW SES tsunami safety advice states people go to higher ground, at least 10m above sea level, or if possible move at least 1km away from all beaches and the water's edge of harbours and coastal estuaries. The evacuation areas depicted in this mapping platform extend 10km up estuaries. They do not depict inundation areas. These broad evacuation areas will be used by the NSW SES for tsunami response planning in the event of a land threat tsunami, and may change depending on the type of tsunami forecast. They are conservative and based on the best information available at the time. The mapping platform will be updated as new information becomes available.

Although you may not live in an area that is directly affected by tsunami, it is still wise to know the dangers tsunami can pose, and what to do in the event you are caught in a tsunami whilst near the coast.

Visit the "What TsunamiSafe means for you" tab on this webpage and find out what effects a tsunami may have if you are Holidaying on the NSW Coastline.

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